A Not So Turkish Life

UK Inaugeration

Alhamduillah, living abroad with a baby is easier than it would have been 10 years ago – for all the physical distance there might be, fast-speed internet and Skype makes it possible for no emotional distance to occur. M speaks to his Grandma once a week, knows how disreputable his uncles look in the morning and how gorgeous his aunty is in her natural unadorned (aka dressing gown clad) state, yet though video conference calls bridge the gap, nothing compares to a cuddle. This UK trip, fleeting though it may have been, brought that online family to life for M, and that was just fantastic to see – I’m so thankful for these visits.

but no matter how good it is to go away, its just as good to come home


My darling MKM,

such a lot has happened since we returned from the UK, over two weeks ago – We’ve celebrated Eid Al-Adha together for the first time, spent 12 days showing your Great-Grandma the life you live everyday and Mummy’s even learnt how to knit, but though so much has happened since, a quick look through photos takes me right back to the fun we had there.
Baba and I enjoyed every second of our trip with you; from the plane ride which you charmed your way through, to the week itself when you didnt wake in the same room twice, you were the perfect amendable child. Uncle John took you for your first real dinner-date and Aunty Helen introduced you to train rides. Taid led you well and truly astray and Grandma tricked you to sleep. We whisked you around from place to place and mash’Allah my darling, you were bubbly and smiley every day. Thank you, babyone – we hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did.

October 20-27th 2011

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