A Not So Turkish Life

Seven months!

My darling baby boy,

Yesterday you turned seven months old! How time flies. I cannot imagine having spent 30 weeks solid with anyone else in the world and yet with you, it’s been a privilege. from your goofy grins when you wake up awake at 3am, to your shaking-head-smile when you want a kiss, each and every time you look at me you make my heart explode. In the past 200 or so days, you’ve taught me the meaning of a love so true it’s intangible. You are our love, my boy.

And as you turn seven months, you’ve realised you’re a person. An autonomous being who can make choices for himself and take control of his actions. In the past four days you have perfected the ‘sit’ and become a master of the crawl – your speed is surreal – whoosh and you’re gone!

Rest on your knees is a favourite and you’ve even – albeit once – pulled yourself up! You’ve learnt to play hide and seek and made it a favourite game


and seek!


M, in the last week or so you’ve begun to tell Baba and I what it is that you want. A chatter-box from morning ’til night, you change your tone and gesture to explain. A couple of times I’m sure you’ve used the “milk” sign, though I can’t say for sure. Sign language, whether true or your version, is helping take your frustrations away. You let us know when you’re hungry..whether you want solid food or want milk, and even which food type you choose! Peaches and refried beans are favourites right now, and as for toast…

The cutting of three teeth (!) and this new-found understanding of communication have helped you feel free. Alhamduillah, you’re not stressed anymore and from the minute that you wake ’til closing those oh so mesmerising eyes, you’re a bundle of energy which envelops us, whisks us up in your glee. You giggle, make us giggle and continue to explore all you see – life is a wonder through you.

This week, we’re taking you to the UK for the first time. I’m looking forward to showing you the beauty of autumn trees, and throwing you in the piles of leaves; of seeing your reaction to smells, sounds and tastes new and if we’re blessed, you’ll see your first snowfall! It’s going to fun, insh’Allah, and I really can’t wait, though I’m hoping you’ll refrain from this kitten act when around your Grans’ wool….

posture, darling, posture.

Happy Seven Months, Babyone – We love you so much xx

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