A Not So Turkish Life

Dear so and so…

Dear woman on the bus,

thank you for showing kindness and patience with my son; for giving him your newly bought toothpaste tube to scratch along his gums, and for jangling your keys for so long. Thank you for not tutting as he cried the bus down. He was bored, he’d had enough. It was hot and he was tired. You had a genius idea, one you’d relied on with your son, one I never would have thought; you played him a song from your phone; again and again and again. And it worked, he calmed down. I appreciate your help.

Thank you, my friend.


Dear bus driver,

I may well owe you headache pills – apologies.


Dearest M,

Ouch! Yesterday was a tough little long day – your first mouth, floor collision drew blood, our journey home took far too long, but although it was rough, you forgave me it all, and as soon as we came home and I tipped you from the wrap to the bed, you beamed up at me and melted my heart. You gave me a grin, with those teeth still intact (5 teeth now!) and rolled onto your belly. You still wanted your Mum, still knew we’d have fun, had just let it all go. You taught me a lesson in there. Thank you, babyone.


Dearest friend,

You leave us next week, off on a fresh path, a new direction to your life. Good luck! I pray for Allah swt to make your transition run smooth, for the health of your daughter and for happiness for you. I was sad to say goodbye today.

Until we meet again, inshallah.


Dear Me,

Yes, pizza for one is really not worth the money, but today is the weekend and hubby will be home. Spicy BBQ chicken is calling to you! Bon appetite!


Dear So and So...

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4 thoughts on “Dear so and so…

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  3. Sometimes the kindness of strangers can not be paid back enough. A good start is Dear So and So…if I do say so myself.

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