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Transition to a cot

We toyed with the idea of cosleeping while I was pregnant but in the end decided that it wasn’t for us. First time parents, we didn’t want to add any unnecessry stress so from the day he came home until he was about 4 1/2 months old, M slept in a crib at the bottom of our bed. Since then, when he outgrew the crib, M’s slept with me in our bed. It’s wonderful. Waking up to his little – often giggling – face inches from mine, being in touching distance and able to sooth him before he wakes – before I wake – the ease of nightfeeds, the deep sleep he stays in for 10 hours a night…yep, I’m sold on bedsharing. But it’s getting to the point where, much as I love these tiny little fingers holding my hand to sleep at night, I kind of miss my husband too. It’s time to transition M from my bed, to his cot – but how?

To try and ease the transition for him, we’re considering putting the cot in our room for now, getting him used to the idea of sleeping on his own and then making the jump to his room. Would it be easier to simply put the cot up in his room and shift him straight across? Splitting the change into two processes seems kinder, less drastic – for him and for me!

Because it’s not just the cot aspect that worries me, it’s the different room. My baby being away from me sleeping, while I’m sleeping somewhere else. That scares me! Now, M never wakes before I’m awake. Even in the deepest of sleeps, I respond to the changes in his breathing before he starts to make movements – will a baby monitor allow me that sense? Will that acute sense of awareness to his needs kick in via instinct even through open doors via walls?

We moved into this flat when I was 8 months pregnant. Our bedroom has never been a baby-free zone – from the very first night, M kicked the mattress making his presence well known! To have a bed free from comforter blankets, a nightstand without dribble cloths and a chest of drawers without easy-to-access nappies! And for M, he’ll finally have a mobile above his head and will be able to see and take in the stars on his walls…Yep, it’s a good time to make the change but that doesn’t stop me being scared just a little and savouring those waking moments just a little more. My baby’s growing up.

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