A Not So Turkish Life

Stand and Shake

Islam, rather like any other set of beliefs from feminism to Catholoisism, is more than something just ‘practised’, it’s more a way of life – provides a formula for living, a structure to grow within. The notion of chess – that the game itself takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master – is an excellent analogy for a Muslim life; like chess, once you’ve learnt the basics, there are additional clues you can follow to smooth the game along. A chess player will look to a master to teach the secrets to the game; a muslim will look to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), our ‘master’, to provide those clues.

And those clues, are there to guide everything – but everything – we do. Even pee. And so yesterday while M slept, I found myself immersed in literature searching for the answer to how a boy should wee. Because I’m a boy Mum, and I’m not a boy. And it seems there’s more to it than stand and shake.

In the Middle East it’s common to enter male bathrooms and not see a urinal. Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), our Prophets wife and a major reference for muslims, is narrated to have told the women around her to instruct their husbands to sit, not stand, and as many hadith come to us from Aisha’s recitations of Prohphet Mohammed’s doings, it must be taken as a clear example to follow. Until we stand in front of Allah swt, none of us will truly know what it means to be a good Muslim in faith and in deed but Islam is our key to unlocking that knowledge; following the guidance we’re aware of and searching for that which we’re not. If that means no more stand and shake, more of the sit and wipe, I’m ok with that: M will be taught to urinate sitting down, and I’ll never have to wipe up pee from the seat! Islam aside, for health, for dignity, for cleanliness this is better for him.

Of course, the way you pee is minor in the scheme of life, but it’s not for us to define the difference between the pieces on the board and you never know, in an alternative realm, the pawn may well trump the king.

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