A Not So Turkish Life

The Backwards Crawl

Well, MKM, it seems like you’ve forgotten how to do the forwards crawl, and going backwards has taken its place! You’re so funny these days. You scoot across the floors, tongue sticking out, a grin to match the Cheshire Cat plastered across your face. Heading the wrong direction doesn’t faze you in the slightest – until you get stuck under the couch – and you can go forwards, but that seems to require more concentration than exploring should require.
You’re still sensitive to sound, Babyone. Pitch and tone are your nemesis. The harmonica traumatises you, Mummy scrunching parchment paper makes you sob and if the call to prayer is slightly off-key, you cry until it’s done! We’re trying to help this along with different sounds as we play, with music, bashing pots, clapping, singing..inshallah you’ll outgrow the extreme sensitivity and if not, well try we’ll turn down the noise. I’m so proud of the way you experiment with this..always attempting, looking to us for reassurance and away you go; this week, you’re practising coordinated noise making, helping donkey clatter along and bashing walnuts together on the floor. Walnuts make a good noise, though not as good as your alphabet apple does!

You’ve initiated a new game..the lion game. You hold onto Mum’s head, rub your nose against hers and shake your head side to side, mouth open, giggling slobber going everywhere. It’s your version of a kiss and every time you’re done, and Mummy’s entire face, hair and top are soaking with slobber, she throws you in the air and lion kisses you right back. We’re having so much fun.

You’ve learnt to roll a ball and move a lever. Your hair is bath time Mohican length now and those chubby rolls are lengthening out. None of the clothes you wore last week fit now and you’re a pro at removing your socks. Mummy and you have been savouring the last of the summer days when walking to places is easy, dry, relaxing, with trips to the shore, art galleries, to visit Babanne and Dede. We’ve swapped, mostly, from ring-sling to wrap and you love it in there. It’s been our first summer, little one. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

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