A Not So Turkish Life

Mummy Moments

Somehow today I found myself stumbling round the blogosphere, falling from one blog to another and back again. The pages that opened contained stories, adventures and thoughts from people all over the world, with all different lives and all different dreams. And it made me think.

We spend so very, very much of our lives being programmed to think about what life is. what it means. What it is to be living a life. The fact is, in those seconds you spend listening to someone else telling you what life is, or how it should be lived, your very own life is passing you by.

And my “Mummyhood” is passing me by just as quickly as this life’s going too. Before I know it, I’m going to be Mum – Anne, maybe? – and then I’ll be Mother, said in reference when he’s talking to his friends. We’ve already passed the newborn phase, and we’re into the baby stage, but very soon – so the hire car companies tell me as they ask me to choose between baby (0-9kg) and infant (8-15kg) seats – very soon, we’re going to be in infant phase. I’m not ready for infant yet. So, I’m going to hold tight to Mummy moments and cling via them to babyhood, ‘cos its going far too fast!

Mummy's mess is fun!

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