A Not So Turkish Life

Our crawling peeing growing man!

Baby M, you’re growing up faster than we can record it all and watching it is so much fun. Too much fun to pull ourselves away and write it down, so we’re missing a week, I think?

You’ve come on so fast the last few weeks. Not only have you grown 5cm in the last month(!) but you’ve gained around a kilo, sprouted hair that now renders you fluffy looking in your post-nap haze and your finger dimples are deeper than ever. All the growing that you’re doing though, doesn’t serve to slow you down! The only time I can catch a proper look at you is now, while you sleep. While your breathing mellows, and the not-so-little anymore toes unfurl from their primed-to-crawl position.

You do not stop! If you’re not swerving on one foot as you attempt to push up and forward at the same time – master crawling before you try to walk, please! – then you’re rolling around on your back, toes still in your mouth and hands flapping every which way grabbing for whatever is in reach.

And though everything goes in your mouth! we’re still working on the food thing. Since your love affair with cucumber was brought to an abrupt end, you’ve developed a taste for bananas and meat – minced lamb and mint leaves most definitely gets your vote! Apples, you’re not so keen on, nor are you enamoured with eggs, but mince and bananas, you like. You’ve not quite got the hang of the swallowing concept, so its more a case of playing with tastes, and that’s fine – play away. Brocoli makes a nice mess, my love!

Your newest trick in the book of tricks is peeing in the potty and it’s one you love. Mummy likes the idea of you learning you have the option of the potty, so we’re giving EC a shot and so far, so good. Averaging 2 potty wees a day and you do nothing but laugh! There’s nothing funnier than the sound of a pee in a potty dish, apparently. You look so cute sitting there all snug, leaning on the armrests! A proper little boy! Oh you make me smile!

Your first summer’s starting to draw to an end, little man and we’re trying to capture what’s left, but while we savour Sunday afternoons and enjoy our leisurely weekday walks, I can’t help look forward to your first autumn too, and seeing your face as we jump int he puddles and note the surprise as you watch leaves fall from the trees. I simultaneously savour and look forward every second with you. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as we’re enjoying you.

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