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Sometimes it’s in the simplest things

Not all days are good days. Even when the sun is shining at just the right heat and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Sometimes, you can feel those clouds rolling on in and the rays of the sun aren’t quite strong enough to keep them at bay. Today’s been one of those days. For no reason other than I woke up seeing those clouds. But today, even through the clouds I could see the sun. I saw it in your smile as your hands, fingers splayed flat, explored Babas’ face, saw it in the magic your presence brings to Babanne and Dede and all those we meet on the way. I feel the warmth at feed times and at changing the nappy time, too! Whenever you’re around me, the sun finds a way to shine on through. Alhamduillah. You truly blessed my world.

Everyday when we wake, we have a game to play, Babyone. There’s no win and no loose, there just is what there is, and we take from that what we will. And the easiest way to play hide-and-seek with the sun, is to focus on the simple things. the ones that really count. It’s from the simplest things the truth shines through, and that’s what you’re looking for, really.

I wish I could promise you there would be no dull days, that there is a secret to keeping life as simple and as pure as we dream it to be. Unfortunately, the secret’s alluding me still, but there are a few things I’ve learnt to brighten up days when the sun’s rays seem dimmer.

Take a break from your world.
Step away.
Go outside, breath the world.
Jump in.

Kneel to prayer
and repeat it.
Stand in prayer
and repeat this.

Stop and touch it
touch what’s real.
Touch the nature,
touch what you love
and share the love.

Do something for others
any others.
It’s not about you
Allah asks you to give.

Sit and savour one taste you adore
sip a coffee, eat an ice-cream
And remember to give thanks.

Sniff a flower, or a leaf,
or a baby, or a lover.
Drink in the smell
feel it with your heart.

Then go home. Your home. Be it here or away, with us or your loved ones.
Go home, turn off the tv. Brew a cuppa, drink with milk, then put the rice in the pan.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that fix it all.. things like cooking rice, and eating it piece by piece.

Piece by piece

(It took me ages to get the hang of cooking rice Turkish style, and until I got it, it seemed the most complicated thing in the world bar none. Now I can see all I needed was for someone to show me how – ain’t that always the way!)


Stir fry a good handful of orzo in olive oil until it starts to turn golden. Then add salt (to taste) and your rice. Stir. Add stock and cover pan. Do Not Stir. Wait until holes appear in the top of the rice – just like this

see the holes starting to appear?

Once the holes are about as big as your thumb, turn off the heat, cover the pan with a piece of kitchen roll (to remove any excess moisture in the rice) and put the lid back on.

Leave for 20minutes. Do. Not. Peep.

Serve. And don’t – whatever you do – forget the yoghurt on the side when feeding rice to a Turk…you’ll never live it down. Doh!

(NB: You need double the ammount of stock to rice – eg. 1/2 glass rice = 1 glass stock)

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