A Not So Turkish Life

another awesome week

Baby M,

Sloooowwwwww down! Mummy can’t keep up! Since you’ve figured out how to crawl each day has seen you advance a little more and now, if you set your eye on something, you’re off. never did I think I’d be having to discipline a not-quite-six-month-old for making his way to the stereo and pressing the buttons…psssst! good job, little one 😉

You’re inquisitive and you’re smart; you want to figure out how things work and you don’t take prohibition on your chin! You watch and listen to me explain why I’m prohibiting your action -give a cheeky grin as you do it one last time to show you understand, but you do stop. For now. Please keep doing that, MKM; stopping, that is. Baba and I are going to try very hard not to shout at you, not to use the word “no” and to approach things from your point of view; it would help immensely if you’d work with us in this. Deal?

That laugh I’ve been writing about for weeks burst out of you yesterday. For five minutes you belly laughed and grinned as you lay in your crib, me lifting and dropping a bed sheet over you. The laugh so infectious I had to ring Baba to share and we both had muscle ache from smiling so hard. Thank you for bringing such joy to our days, and such laughter to our souls. You never fail to lift me up.

I’m still convinced you’ve got a ginger tinge to that ever-lengthening hair of yours. Photos taken yesterday of you devouring grapes in your highchair (you asked for them yourself!), the photos show your hair with a definite reddish tone. And again later as you sat on my lap..what colour will it be?

As I type I’m watching you play with lego blocks. This week your favourite toys have been a plastic whisk commandeered from the kitchen, a wooden spoon with holes in the …(what do you call the circular bit on a spoon? a ladle? a bowl? a…) and these blocks, too. Guess it’s a week for textures. Well, that and things that you can use to scratch those persistently irritable gums. And you’ve learned how to bang things against others things to make a noise. Yes…

Again, MKM, it’s a week when I’m overflowing with love and pride for you and the boy you’re becoming. A week when my days have been nothing but pleasures as we’ve shared walks, and laughs and cuddles. Those evenings when you just couldn’t drift off, I’ve relished the extra cuddle time and sleepy nursing sounds. Thanks for another awesome week x

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