A Not So Turkish Life

What to wear for date night

Our very first date, I wore jeans and a silk halter neck top. I don’t remember the jeans but I do remember the top – it had butterflies on it; I loved that top. An hour before I had to leave, the electric blew and I had to leave with un-GHD’d hair. Disaster! I remember clearly looking at my reflection in the elevator on the way down to the street and wondering what he’d make of my wavy, unstyled hair. I drank red, we ordered steak. Our meals went cold as we talked, and we talked and we talked. He walked me to the door, and left me there. A really great first date.

I knew how to do it then. I knew how to dress and to do my hair, knew the right make up tone and which heel height would work.

When you wear heels pencil skirts to work, you still pull off sexy when you’re home in your pjs. When the pjs are sexier than the clothes you wear outside, they start looking just like pjs do!

So now, I’m making an effort – ha! laughable, really. I’m trying not to feel silly waiting for G to come home ‘cos I’m wearing perfume and my hair’s not pinned -scrunched- back. My top’s not milk stained, shows some cleavage and my jeans are, well, they’re the jeans I was wearing when we moved into our first home. They’re bootcut, tight-ish and cute. I look cute.
I think?

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