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Dear so and so

Dearest G,

We’ve been married two years today. Seems like longer, right?

A whole lot has changed since 09.09.09 – still love that date! As I sit now, M on my lap, reflecting on the life we’re still just beginning to share, I can see that we’re changing in a good way, in a strong way inshAllah. We’re learning more about each other every day, we’re still learning how to go past being friends, to go past being just together but to be partners and a partner. Most importantly, each new day we learn something new about us as parents. Thank you for going head-on into this adventure with me. Forget the motorbikes of our past -we’ve just begun the ride of our lives.

Forever, Penguin man.


Dear M,

If your Baba did half as good a job at choosing your Mummy as I did him, you’re going to be ok. Your Baba’s cool, babyone.

Mummy x

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6 thoughts on “Dear so and so

  1. Gorgeous. Congratulations on your anniversary and how far you’ve come so far. Xx

  2. Lovely post.. and happy anniversary! x

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. cookiejarlife on said:

    happy anniversary! 🙂

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