A Not So Turkish Life

Even more firsts!

Dearest M,

You’ve just fallen asleep, head tightly tucked in-between my shoulder blades, your hands clenched into balls. The past two days, those gums of yours have really given you jip and you’ve had a really tough time. I’ve laid you down on my bed, body curled in a ball and I pray you’ll find some rest for a while.

While you sleep, I really should clean. Or tidy. Or both. But instead, I’ll write this because it’s been another week of firsts that we can’t just let go.

Ramadan came to an end! You’ve enjoyed your first suhur, your first iftar, and experienced the ending of the fast. And with your first Ramadan’s end, came your very first Eid, or Bayram, as we say. What better day than Eid to try real food for the very first time! What better mealtime than breakfast, with Baba and I! Cucumber! You weren’t sure…you tried, and you grinned, then grimaced a little more. The taste seemed to baffle you – not so sweet after milk! – but you loved the texture and the feel of the food in your mouth. We’ve since given you frozen grapes, too, and of those you really weren’t sure! Baba and I just love to watch you explore and experience the world around, and this food adventure is only just beginning.

You continue to find adventure in the world around you, babyone. Whether it’s the mirror on the wall…

…or in the chickens that you meet!

You’re such a joy to be around, you make every new day fun.

Love you, little man x

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