A Not So Turkish Life

Check out that hairline!

My darling M,

your gums hurt today. you had a tough time sleeping last night, too, not that you’d have known to look at you at 7am rolling round giggling in Mummy’s bed…laughing me awake as you grabbed and pulled the duvet. Hard to believe you’re 5 1/2months old! This morning we played, and you napped, and we played some more, but still your gums were sore. Then after your lunchtime nap, extended with a mid-time feed, you seemed to feel better. Your temp was still up, so, stripped to your nappy, we lay on the bed. Quiet time when you stroked my face, on-and-off nursed abd experimented with sound. Then more active, with belly button bubbles and rolling around. We gurgled and you dribbled, we laughed and you dribbled and you did a fine old job of soaking the bed. You were all gummy smiles and melted my heart just again and again.

It’s hard to believe you are still so small, M..you’re growing and learning so fast! This week, in the last five days, you’ve started to crawl..lifting that bum right up and throwing yourself forward – it sends my stomach to my throat every time! You’ve learnt to cough and clear your throat and your hazel brown eyes have darkened even more. All of a sudden you have a full head of hair..hair that I finger comb into tufts and that has a clearly defined hairline. Hair that’s not quite so dark, yet not quite so light..and maintains that red undertone still. Every inch of your body has filled out this week too..I’m not sure what the milk fairies are pumping into me, but it’s good stuff little one..you’re roll upon roll of baby chub gorgeousness. Mashallah, you’re so cute!

As you rolled on the bed, then lay up on my legs and then later in my arms, I couldnt stop staring at your face. At that double chin, and those nippy sharp teeth; the coming in eyebrows, and the beautiful long length of your lashes. I could stare at you all day and never once get bored.

Later on, after a Skype chat with Grandma, dressed snuggly in pjs, we were walking the flat around and around. You were calm, we were talking. I stood with you in front of the mirror and you smiled like you always do, recognising, finding me in the reflection – holding me close with your eyes. You turned your head and snuggled into me,and without thinking, I into you. Your head sits perfectly into the crevice of my neck, they mould right together and I couldnt help think back to when Baba and I met and we said the same words: We were made to fit here.

I love you little man.

ps. less of the biting, please. It hurts, little dude!

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