A Not So Turkish Life

Island days

Summer’s almnost gone. Your first summer, baby M. Where did it go?

The weeks fly by and the months just pass. Somehow Baba and I are at the stage where we’re planning for your first solid foods and any second we’re expecting you to crawl! You’ve spent the past 21 weeks undergoing metamoporphis and we can now see our little boy; the child you’re growing to be. That’s all kinds of wonderful, Bubba Boo.

You and I took a day trip today, to an island just off the Istanbul coast. We went with Dr Q, the lady who introduced your Baba and I. She’s leaving soon and it made me think back, how tinmes have changed. Dr Q was the third person Mummy met in Istanbul. We were both newly qualified teachers, put up by the school in a lodgement in Ortakoy. The flat had the most wonderful terrace where we all loved to sit. That terrace showed your Auntie M and I the world into which we’d stepped and the one into which we’d grow. She and I spent many a night in those first few weeks, sitting, wondering where this crazy city into which we were tentatively dipping our toes would take us. Five years later, and I’m still here – you’re here – and she’s moving on.

Few things in life are stable, little one. Places change, people move, time rushes by. Whenever you make a plan, remember that, let flexibility in. On Burgaz Ada today, we took a horse and trap on an island tour. We passed houses with vines, and flowers without houses, past 18th century moasteries and dogs taking in the sun on the sandy stone beach. We dipped our toes in the sea and licked salt from the shells. We had a most enjoyable day.

When Dr Q leaves, it’s the end of an era, and we’re starting again. Gone is the transitional way; this is the life that I chose and it’s a wonderful one. The summer’s almost gone and it’s our first islad trip, but there are many more to come. We’re going to paddle, you and I, maybe even learn to swim. We’re going to go back and explore ancient walls and pick the grapes on those vines. Inshallah we’ll keep on going back and as you continue the transition of baby-child, child-boy and boy to man, the island will transition too.

I can’t wait, little man!

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