A Not So Turkish Life

A penguin Baba

Baby M, you’re a happy little thing. Mashallah, you dont cry, or complain or seem to find life too hard. People comment on your placid nature, on how you’re friendly and alert, so aware of yourself and what’s around. You smile and laugh – that gummy, toothy grin that sustains me more than air – and you talk and dribble on tap. You’ve almost learnt how to kiss and you give a cuddle and a half. You light up at Baba’s face and mummy’s voice – supercalifragilicious is your favourite song. You seem to be doing ok, but are we enough for you still, your Baba and I?

Baba and I love each other so much. When we met, there was something about him, this charmingly un-turkish Turkish man. Mummy’s synonym with Baba’s friends was the word I stole his heart with – it’s all about ‘because’. He knew I was the one.Then came a penguin and a kite, a journey back and two, some star-crossed MSNing and a few decisions to be made. So many things about our lives seemed to say we just weren’t meant to be; so many said we were. So we made us be. He asked me out using a pre-written dialogue sheet; Zargan supplied the key to understanding our texts. Two languages, two lives; were we destined to be one?

You see, MKM, for Baba and I, not one thing is the same in the past of our lives. Not one act, one memory, one meal or even event. None of it matches up. We both want for you to have the best of both of us, of both of it – to create for you an amalgamated world of east and west and him and me and this and then. And much as we love each other and want to build ‘our’ world, sometimes we struggling to know where to begin.

We know the examples that we set, traditions we make will be reference points for your life; formative roles in the making of M. And we’re trying to choose these properly, we’re trying to get it right. You’ll learn that traditions are formed around the things you hold dear and inshallah by looking back at the things we repeat, year upon year, time upon time, you’ll find keys to the life we were trying to help you lead. And if you look deeper behind all that, I hope – I pray – you’ll see the love that underpins it all, even when it doesn’t shine so strong. That penguin man, whose traditions and thoughts and world is oh so different to mine, is the love of my life.

So I hope, and I pray, we’re enough, sleepy one.

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