A Not So Turkish Life

A cow called Daisy

My darling M, you met a cow! and not just any cow – Daisy the cow. You and I went away for a couple of days with some of Mummy’s friends to a house in the country. We stroked that cow and fed the chickens, picked veg from the garden and woke to watching leaves blow. We had a most lovely time, despite the rain though it’s a shame you missed the pool.

Seeing you in nature, whether it’s the Japanese gardens in the middle of the city, or right bang in the thick of it like this past week, I can’t help but count my blessings. You love to be under the trees, listen transfixed to the rustle of the leaves. You revel in new textures – the grass in your hand or a bristly cows tail. Your eyes grow wide with the wonder of it all and you watch each and every cloud float by. Seeing you soak in the world is the greatest pleasure God could give.

I felt lucky this week to have you to myself – honorary Aunties aside. At night we slept side-by-side, so when you woke you’d reach for me, calm, no noise. In the mornings, we’d spend hours still in bed, rolling round (you, not me), gurgling noises as you described the thrill of your dreams. We’d chat and we’d laugh, then you’d feed and you’d sleep. I was able to watch and take stock. MashAllah: You’re a beautiful little man.

And then we came home, the bubble was burst, so we reblew a bigger one – from two we made three and allowed that three to divide. Now it’s Baba’s catching up time and I get to watch. I get to watch you explore his face with your mouth – dribble, dribble everywhere! I watch as you play peep-o! with sheets on the bed and to stand back and observe you copy bubble blowing skills. I get to watch as you attempt giggles while you grin and I get to watch the way you nestle into him, his hand in both of yours. How honored am I.

We love you, little one. xx

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