A Not So Turkish Life

Sitting up!

Little man, there are many ways I hope you take after me in life, but this impatient nature is not one of them – slow down, buddy! I jest of course, go at your own speed – it’s just, your own speed seems so fast it’s hard to keep up.

On Sunday, Baba and I watched you spend the day perfecting the art of lying on your back, swinging up your bum and grabbing both feet firmly in your chubby hands, the timing perfect. You started the morning a little unsure,balance slightly off; by the evening it was easy. You’ve mastered the art. How wonderful to watch you learn.

You’re rushing full steam ahead to toddlerdom, MKM. This week alone you’ve learnt how to sit – unaided! – and how to reach for your toes. You can stick out a tongue and you’ve started laughing real laughs whenever the urge comes upon you. Those pesky teeth are still giving you grief – right, back this week – and those two front teeth that had cut through the gum? You’re learning to use them and practising your bite. Yes; we have some talking to do.

I’ve taken to bringing you to bed with me when you wake around 5am, and waking up to your gurgles, your hand on my face or your slobbery ‘kisses’ is the most magical part of my day. I savour it – don’t open my eyes. Pretend I’m asleep just a few seconds more as I breathe you in deeply. Each and every single day you fill my heart with love.

This second you sleep – your arms splayed out, on your back in your crib. You wont fit there for much longer. But for now, while you do, I’m wrapping up here and going to stand there. To watch and to savour you, just you.

I love you, Babyone xx

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