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You’ve found your feet!

For the past 18 weeks you’ve been a little unsure. This body of yours, all new and confusing. You weren’t quite sure of it all. But guess what you did this week? You figured it out! You found your feet. You understand where your body starts and ends! It suddenly all makes sense and you’ve been putting this newfound knowledge to very good use…

You rolled over! Yes, you’ve done it before, but not like this..this time you turned 180 onto your front, pulled your little arms out from under you and looked up raring to go…

You’ve tried counting those toes…1,2,3….

and of course, you had to have a taste!

So, what with your teeth as well, it’s been a busy week, babyone. What will the next one bring?

Love always, Mummy x

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One thought on “You’ve found your feet!

  1. Helloitsgemma on said:

    Beautiful milestones! Enjoy every moment. Xxx

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