A Not So Turkish Life

Dear so and so…

Dear me of the teenage years,

It’s going to be ok. And it’s not all as it seems. Though now you may think many bridges are best to burn, you’d be best to keep the flames low; there’ll come a time when you want to blow. Go easy on yourself, you’re going to be ok.

Love, me


Dear me of the student years,

What will be will be. Enjoy. Read those books that interest you – forget about a plan. If jurisprudence is where your heart is at, philosophize away. Start to learn what you want to learn, this life is yours to live. It’s going to change, you know, all of it. So live it for, invest for you.

Love, me


Dear me of last week,

Just eat the biscuit, damm it!

Love, me.


Dear me of a year ago,

It’s going to be ok. You don’t need to be so scared. Your baby will grow, and thrive and be born and you’ll get to take him home. Enjoy your pregnancy, forget about your fears. Indulge, a little, and think, a lot. Spend time with this you ‘cos she’s changing everyday. Spend time to get to know her – it will serve you well. Oh! And read that book. No, you won’t have time when baby sleeps!

Love, me.


Dear me of then,

Keep going, the path will lead the way.

Love, me

Dear me of now,

I believe in you.

Love, me.

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