A Not So Turkish Life

A duty to go green

Every parent makes decisions based on their circumstances as to what is right for their child and family. We’re lucky to be in a position where I can be a stay-at-home Mum, which in turn gives me the luxury of not only taking extra time to look into alternative options to raise our baby, but also the time often needed to implement these choices.

One of the main philosophies I hope M learns from the way we live our lives is that there are always green alternatives and it’s our duty to try our best to implement as many green options as we can in our lives, whether that’s just a lightbulb choice or taking the bus not the car. We’re not always successful, but as much as we can G & I try to minimise our impact on the planet and often we find that we get a positive bonus back from greener choices.

From the moment we knew M was on his way, I knew I wanted us to use cloth nappies instead of disposables and the more we researched options, the more benefits there seemed to be, from cost to health benefits for M.

We use a combination of all-in-one and pre-fold nappies, which I dry pail and wash at 60, and cloth 100% works for us. The laundry of the nappies fits around us, and we’ve never had a leak (this is asking for karma to bite me, huh?). Even with my nappy obsession – have you seen the cuteness! – we have and will continue to save money even though, not knowing which ones would suit, we bought a selection of types, materials (cotton, bamboo, blended), and different brands. We probably spent around 600tl on our cloth stash and as have an energy efficient washing machine our laundry costs per month, including a natural detergent from plant extracts, probably run to about 20tl a month. In total, about 850tl this year, dropping to 250tl next year and for additional babies after that. Bonus!

I’m glad we went with my gut to use cloth, even though that meant sourcing everything from abroad – it really is easy, without a doubt it’s what’s best for M and I love that it’s sunnah too: “Greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth.” (40:57)

We’re destroying the planet and I’m just as guilty as anyone else. As I type this the TV’s unnecessarily turned on in the background and that eco-friendly washine machine? It’s waiting to be turned off sucking (albeit it minimal amounts) unnecessary electricity ’til I get to it. But I do try, and I hope M sees this and takes on the notion himself. Environmental awareness isn’t a phrase to be banded about when the latest ice-berg melts or a volcano erupts. It’s an essence which should underpin our thoughts and actions; it’s a lesson we should pass onto our kids. Protecting the environment isn’t about making our lives better now – though the byproduct of it is just that – more, it’s about keeping the planet alive for our children and them for theirs. For us, cloth nappies is a good start to complying with that duty to go green.

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