A Not So Turkish Life

Through your eyes

My darling M,

Watching you is like seeing the world anew. I watch life tick by through your eyes, seeing things mine were shut to. Together, we notice the rustling of the leaves above us as we walk, for I see how that captivates you. Separately, we experience the serenity to be found in a washing machines’ rinse cycle – the merging of the colours and shapes; I follow your gaze. We share a fascination with shadows at dusk and find pleasure in the sunrise, basking in its’ glow. I seek your stillness when you see anything new..you stop to discover..captivated…mesmerized.

Through you, I rediscover the joy to be found in life..in the laughs that spring forth from your belly you re-awaken my ears to the humour of a sound, from the twinkle in your eyes when you attempt a new trick – a roll to the side, or the grabbing of your toes – from that twinkle in your eyes, you teach me that pleasure lies within us; the greatest pleasures we gain from life are those we bring ourselves. You remind me we set our own standards for achievement and it’s those that count. No matter what you acheve, baby boy, I will always, but always clap for you.

With every day that passes you show me to look through the glass; you see what lies behind. A box is not a box to you, it’s a texture and a sound, it holds light and keeps in dark. It’s a world within a world for you and everything’s new.

Thank you for reminding me that nothing’s as it seems, that everything is as new and as wonderful as you will it to be. Thank you for showing me to reevaluate my world, to see what I wasn’t finding the time to see; to take pleasure in the pause. Thank you for sharing your eyes with me.

Now, if you’d just like to share what colour you think those eyes of yours are going to be…

Mummy x

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