A Not So Turkish Life

It’s not the blog, per se

…it’s more about the excuse to practise the all too easily disregarded act of sitting. Of being. The conscious effort to find time in an otherwise jam-packed day. It’s the quiet time when baby sleeps to organise thoughts, to remind me of me outside of Mum. And boy, do I miss it when it’s gone!


Dear M,

Wow! Four months now. We’re slacking a bit on the diary front – partly your fault for being so ridiculously charming that Mummy finds it impossible to draw herself away; partly my all-too-easy-to-combust computer. But never fear. We remember it all and while the computer may have been down for a week or two, the camera certainly hasn’t.

You’re teething, baby boy. Teething with a capital T and look so uncomfortable with it. You spend every waking minute with a finger whomever’ is around!- a cloth, a toy, shoulder or anything else left within your reach, firmly shoved inside your mouth. Scratching. gnawing. Dribbling. Though dribbling is maybe not quite an accurate enough adjective for the stream of slobber you produce! Yet you still don’t stop smiling – big, gummy grins, now, more often than not, accompanied with excited high-pitched squeals you haven’t learnt to control. Holding you leaves us sopping wet in seconds, though now, until someone points it out, i’m oblivious.

And it’s not just the soon-to-break-through teeth; you’re changing quickly in oh, so many ways. The changing mat which weeks ago swallowed you whole, now barely contains you and your eagerness to reach the mobile up above. Once redundant straps on your chairs are now imperative to keeping you safe as left on your own you wriggle off and out, and all that tummy-time’s paying off – you do half-moon turns on the floor! We’re learning to sit and enjoy time out with a book – Beatrix Potter, Goodnight Moon -, or lie side-by-side as you explore my face with your hands. Or try to eat my nose. .same, same.

Everyday you make the world a brighter place.

Love you, babyone x

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