A Not So Turkish Life

Dear so and so….

Dear M,

This week you’ve learnt to grab and pull! Good job, Babyone! Just a quick note on using this new found skill; Mummys’ neck skin doesn’t move so easily, so if you’d like to do a little less of the grabbing and a lot less of the pull, well, that would just be swell.




Dear busybody in the hardware shop, security staff in the mall, random stranger on the metro and nosy neighbour on our street,

No, baby does not need to be taken out of his sling; he is perfectly happy and safe. No, carrying him so will not permanently cause damage to his spine/hips/psyche. Yes, he can breathe. No, as his Mother, I assure you : I do not want to kill him.

Hoping this gets you off my case,

Wierdo babywearing foreigner on your street


Dear Apple,

I accidentally dropped and smashed my husands’ laptop today. Any chance you’d like to offer a replacement??

Yours cheekily,



Dear Me,

It’s ok to screw up now and then. It’s learning from it that counts. Everything’s going to be ok. xoxo

(Post inspired by Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow)

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