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Hi there, little man

..it’s been a while 😉 12 weeks today, in fact. If I hadn’t just put you down to sleep, noting as I did how large you seem in the crib that suddenly seems too small, I wouldn’t believe it had been this long. Three whole months you’ve been with us and yet you’re still brand new.

These past weeks have been the most breathtakingly, magical days of my life. You are incredible. I’m awed by you. and im proud of you. You’ve taken this being alive thing and grabbed it with both hands…ready to go and take it all in your stride. Right now, you weigh double what you weighed at birth. Yesterday, Baba and I agreed we don’t have a “baby” anymore – we have a son. A son who communicates and whom we mostly understand, a son who’s trying so hard to crawl and cut his first brand-new teeth, a son who loves to bath and is best friends with a Penguin.

You and I seem to have settled into our own little routine and I follow what you say. We spend 24 hours a day together and still I’d love more hours in the week. More time to listen to your gurgles – everyday a new sound. More time to watch your eyes widen as new things appear and come clear. I’d bottle hours of seeing the look of recognition on your face as Baba comes home, or you find the baby in the mirror and laugh. I love how when you see your carrier you instantly relax and lift your legs to help me out – I melt when you’re settled, tummy to my tummy, heartbeat to my heartbeat and you snuggle your head down on me. Your trust in me is unbreakable and I thank you for that.

We’re doing well at breaking the rules round here, you and I. We ride metros and buses and drink coffee outside. We don’t always wear hats and I let your face see the sun. We’re having fun and from school girls wanting your picture to Grandmas wanting a cheek pinch, (risking a Mummy “tut” to go with it!) – everywhere we go people respond to you; your alertness, desire to interact and your cute adorable little button nose make people swoon at your feet.

You’ve brought so much joy to our lives, your Baba and me, but you’ve also brought more joy than you know to many people around us. I hope you know what a lucky boy you are, MKM, for being loved by so many. From Skype chats with Taid, to stare-at-you-sleeping moments gobbled up by Babanne, our families do all they can to spend extra precious minutes with you and seeing you recognise their voices and react to them makes my heart leap and my soul rise free.

You’ve just woken from a nap and as I scoop you up, I breath deeply. That fresh newborn smell’s gone – I can’t say when, it just one day wasn’t there anymore – but your scent, mixed with the warmth from your sleepy, not-quite awake cuddles is almost more than my heart can take.

Not everyday’s rosy, Babyone – some days you’re overtired, or want Baba not me; some days I’m slow to catch onto what you want, or simply can’t figure it out – but even on those days, when we make each other cry with frustration at not understanding one another quite yet… even on those days – especially on those days – I thank God for trusting Baba and I to take this journey with you and for moments like these:

Baby 'n' Me

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