A Not So Turkish Life

A nugget in the coal

It’s often the way that when life throws you a sack of coal, somewhere hidden amongst the shards, aside from the inevitable learning curves and strengths you uncover, is hidden a golden nugget. The thing about bags of coal is that coal dust disguises everything. If you want to find the nugget, it’s going to take some work from you, or an eagle-eyed soul around you, to uncover that gold and blow the dust away.

At sixteen, a wonderful teacher showed me how to blow away the dust from the sack of coal. Because of her belief in me, I entered a world I hadn’t thought I could have reached and ultimately led me to the world I’m in today. From the experience, the opportunity she afforded me, I learnt many things but perhaps one of the most important, one most glaringly obvious that I need only have looked around the world at large to see – no matter who you are, where you lay your head or tread your feet, ultimately you’re looking for love. For that one soul who shows you your reflection in the glass: Your nugget in the coal.

This song, wherever I am, whenever I hear it reminds me of *that* school, that opportunity. This is my day 6, Song of the Day – a song that reminds me of somewhere.

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