A Not So Turkish Life

Hate’s too strong a word

Music has the power to evoke and inspire, transcend and diversify. It’s one of the greatest tools for peace & understanding of one another that we possess. Music’s simultaneously symbolic of morals and dreams, aspirations and fears, the here and the then. Music can ground you or lift you away, realise your reality or make that reality seem a dream.

Hospitals rely on musics therapeutic healing powers, runners its stimulant energy. Premature babies exposed to the classics of Mozart and Bach reap benefits and the blind use it to see. Doctors and scientists, evolutionists and theorists all agree that music has the power to heal, to stimulate to guide. In daily life it’s all too easy to forget the power music has; to ignore its all reaching effect. Less often than it acts as a drug to our ailments, it’s the pill we pop to change our mood, reflecting the world we habitat and the escape we inevitably seek. It’s in the lyrics of the songs that musics predominant power lies and it’s in the videos for those songs that the youngs’ dreams are made. If you want to know someones world, listen to their music.

As a woman, I have an obligation to promote women, not demean them, as a Muslim I’m obliged to uphold the morals of all faiths and as a Mum, it’s my JOB to ensure my children know the differences between right, wrong and just ‘ok’.

Music seeps into your soul, and just like prayer, it’s repetition that engrains the words -the feeling- into memory. As a woman and a Mum and a believer of something much bigger than us it’s my duty to ensure the music I listen to reflects the life I strive to lead. But hate’s too strong a word: To say I hate is no better than to listen to the songs themselves. I don’t hate this song, it’s simply one of many I could choose to represent the music that runs counter to my beliefs, counter to my faith and counter to my role in this world, but it’s as close as I can get for the 30 day song challenge, day 2:

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