A Not So Turkish Life

Some days are just blah days

Bismillah ir-Rahaman ir-Rahim

No matter how great or troubled life is, sometimes, inexplicably, some days are just ‘blah’. Days like those can usually be written off completely, but occasionally, something happens to turn a blah day into, well if not a great day, then one which at least doesn’t deserve to be written off completely.

The WordPress postaday topic of the day is a question: Why did you start to blog? I started this blog to catalogue life as it is now, life as it is through eyes looking back and life as it’s going to be. I started to blog to record days that are memorable, moments that I’ll treasure, feelings that i feel. I started to blog to record my life – our life – as we transition from ‘us’ to parents. To put down on paper if you will the emotions, challenges and rewards that becoming a parent brings; to give us something to look back on and see how far we’ve come, how much our lives have changed.

And to be true to that, it’s only fair to blog on the blah days, because though they may not be the days we’d choose to remember, they’re days we shouldn’t forget because they make the other days a teeny bit brighter. Today was a blah day. For no particular reason, it’s just blah. And then my baby moves, G comes home from work puts his head on my tummy and baby moves in response to his Baba’s voice. And that’s what makes it all ok. That’s what turns a blah day into a great day and that is why i started to blog.

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