A Not So Turkish Life

Aha! or rather, about time…

…’cos it took 24 years to get there.

Doesn’t sound like much, huh. Alhamduillah; many people spend their lives trying and never figure out where there is. I wish I’d got there sooner.. but then, don’t we always? I’m simply glad I recognised it when i got there. Sometimes, the phrase “better to have loved and lost” quite simply doesn’t ring true.

the Koran, and the life of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) tell us that life is a series of tests. It’s up to us how we use these tests and what we take from them, but we’ll be tested whether we submit to the testing or not. As a non-believer, this is simply propaganda; religion nonsense intended to make the believers subservient, easily manipulated. To the believer, these tests – just as the existence of Allah (swt) – are to be found all around us; in bad times to be sure, but perhaps especially, in those times we deem to be “good.”

You could say, as many have, that it takes a crazy person to scrutinise the positives and find the tests within, yet without questioning, without peeling back the surface, the positive is all too oft short-lived. Without recognising why, which aspect of the circumstance pleases us, the feeling all too quickly slips away. And it’s all too easy when hindsight comes crashing round to recall only those aspects containing the test, without ever having confronted it head on. Now, looking back I see no irony in how the real test began once the tests were over and the biggest test of all started on the day it all came clear.

Our tests are laid out for us, our destiny if you will, forged in stone long before our time. To long to change the past would be to remove a piece of the puzzle, a piece of our puzzles and the journeys that ultimately shape who we are. As we await the arrival of our son, I know that try as we will to protect him, he’ll have his own tests to face and he’ll face them in his own way. Subhan’Allah, we’re surrounded by signs to guide us, we’re shown the truth in the tests and the blessings in the mud. The real test…no, the clearest test, is remembering where to look.

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