A Not So Turkish Life

pregnancy books lie. fact.

“you’re over the largest hurdles…”, “now the worry has passed…”, “as you relax into your maternity leave…”! Pah. who writes these things? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe most women are fully relaxed and enjoying these last weeks, and it’s just me that’s fast becoming a ball of nerves and stress. Actually, thinking about it, if I gambled, I’d probably take that bet.

As we creep nearer to the day we’ll get to meet our little boy for the first time, so to do we creep nearer to the days of trying to balance family here and away. G’s family will be a 15minute drive from us; mine a four hour flight. Logic would dictate that such a distance would make life easier, but as we’re quickly finding, logic and families don’t mix.

Is it really wrong, or unreasonable to want to experience the first couple of weeks of our first baby’s little life alone with my husband? Inshallah my current short fuse will lengthen once i have my baby in my arms but i’m not sure even the most patient of the patient could handle a well meaning but overpowering, been-there-done-that(x4), first-time Grandmother hanging over them telling them how to xxx whenever they picked baby up.

We’re going to make mistakes, I’m going to get things wrong. Baby’s not going to feed and nappies will leak. Baby’ll scream and we’ll all three cry but these are moments I want to experience. They’re moments impossible to replicate and so easy to miss.

so, bah! to the person who says the biggest hurdles have been jumped; looking out it seems like ours’ are just about to come!

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