A Not So Turkish Life

No turning back!

so I guess it’s too late to change my mind, huh? Ouch my back hurts! Today, for the first time, I feel really pregnant. Pregnant as in everything hurts, i can’t sleep, get comfortable, concentrate and just want this baby out! Only I don’t; whatever happens, however bad I feel, I really really pray this baby stays put a few weeks more.

At 30 weeks pregnant, it feels like we’ve reached some kind of milestone. Alhamduillah, we’ve had an easy pregnancy with no complications. Sure, daily anti-blood-clotting injections aren’t the most pleasurable experience, and the morning-turned-travel sickness i could have done without, but thank Allah, nothing major. 23 (or was it 24) years ago, at 30 weeks pregnant my Mum went into labour and gave birth to my little brother. I was too young to remember the details, but I vividly remember visiting him in his incubator in the hospital and seeing him dwarfed by the Snoopy teddy-bear we pushed through to keep him company. He was so tiny and Mum must have been so scared.

According to the stats, babies born at 30 weeks have a 95% chance of making it. Compared to only 70% five weeks earlier that’s high, but I’d rather little ‘un stays put until his chances are 99.9%. No matter how much back-ache I have to endure! so on that note, I’m off back to my pilates ball, to ease the backache, sooth the baby and insh’Allah position him correctly for a speedy labour.

Now, if only I knew a non-medicative cure for wisdom tooth pain….

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